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Open Doors: 3: Student's Book [Norman Whitney] on *FREE* Open Doors addresses the problem of how to reconcile current trends in teaching methodology with the realities of the average classroom. See all 2 images. Open Doors 1 can be used with beginners, or with students who have done some English at primary school. Open Doors 1 (Audio, Cassette 2/3) Components of the course The Student's Book contains: contents pages 12 units, each. - download Open Doors: 1: Student's Book book online at best prices in India on Read Open Doors: 1: Student's Book book reviews & author .

Today, just like in the book of Acts, Christians are persecuted all over the world for following Jesus. Persecution at a Glance Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world.

While Christian persecution takes many forms, it is defined as any hostility experienced as a result of identification with Christ. Christian torture remains an issue for believers throughout the world including the risk of imprisonment, loss of home and assets, physical torture, beheadings, rape and even death as a result of their faith.

Trends show that countries in Africa , Asia and the Middle East are intensifying persecution against Christians, and perhaps the most vulnerable are Christian women , who often face double persecution for faith and gender. Every day we receive new reports of Christians who face threats, unjust imprisonment, harassment, beatings and even loss of family because of their faith in Jesus. Every month, on average: Christians are killed for faith-related reasons Churches and Christian buildings are burned or attacked Christians are detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned Every year, we release the World Watch List —a global indicator of countries where human and religious rights are being violated, and those countries most vulnerable to societal unrest and destabilization.

This is the 27thyear of the Open Doors World Watch List , and it remains the only annual in-depth survey to rank the 50 most difficult countries in which to be a Christian. According to our research: million Christians experience high levels of persecution in the countries on the World Watch List. And worldwide, 1 in 9 Christians experience high levels of persecution.

North Korea is ranked 1 for the 18th consecutive year as the most dangerous country for Christians. Islamic Oppression fuels Christian persecution in 8 of the top 10 countries.

Major Trends in Christian Persecution 1. The shocking reality of persecution against women In the World Watch List reporting period, there were shocking details about the persecution experienced by Christian women. Sergeant Daley works at night.

He usually gets up at four o'clock in the afternoon, has breakfast at half past four, and after breakfast he goes to the Police Station. He starts work at six o'clock in the evening. First he makes phone calls and talks to the other police officers, and then he goes out in his car. Sergeant Daley is in Queen Street. He is watching a bank. He can see two men near the bank. They are carrying a lot of money. Tonight he is in his car in London Road. He can see a man and a woman in a sports shop.

They are carrying a big bag. Sergeant Daley is watching the sports shop and talking to another police officer on his radio. Today is Wednesday 17 May. It's seven o'clock in the evening and Tina is at Sara's house. They are drinking Coke and talking. What are you doing on Friday evening? I'm going to a disco. Can you come? No, I can't. I'm visiting my grandparents.

What are you doing on Saturday morning? I'm doing my homework. But I'm going to the shops on Saturday afternoon. Can you come with me? No, I'm sorry. I'm playing basketball. Oh, OK. Are you going to Gary's party on Saturday evening?

Yes, I am. Complete the questions and write the answers. Saturday afternoon Sara What are vou. Which sentences refer to the present?

Which sentences refer to the future? Write T h e present' or 'The future'. What are they doing now? Write sentences. Mike is reading a book. What aren't they doing tomorrow? Write your own sentences. Kelly likes her job. Vocabulary What are they made of? Label the items in the picture. Use glass rubber metal leather plastic paper wood wool. Use chair spoon shoes socks newspaper window cotton glass paper leather metal wood.

What do they like doing?

Use play, sing, dance to, listen to. I like music very much. I can play the violin and I can play the piano.

I have violin lessons on Tuesdays and piano lessons on Fridays. I play the violin in the school orchestra. We practise every week, on Thursday evenings.

Sometimes we give concerts. I can't play the guitar or the trumpet. I like listening to classical music but I don't like opera. I like listening to pop music, and I like reading about pop music, too.

I read a lot of pop magazines and I watch pop programmes on TV. I don't like jazz. My favourite kind of music is pop music. My favourite singer is George Michael and my favourite group is U2,. There are twenty-five students in Penny's class. All the students can sing. Twenty students can play the piano, ten students can play the violin, and five can play the cello. None of the students can play the trumpet or the saxophone.

Cathie is talking to her friend, Joanne. Mark is doing his homework. What is it? No, they aren't. They're going to stay at a 1 Sue is going to stay with friends. Linda, Darren and their friends are on holiday. Complete the conversation with the correct object pronouns. Use him, us, them, it, me, you, her. I don't know. What about Darren? Darren Oh, yes, sorry. Label the diagram.

Use asteroid ring solar system moon star planet sun. Complete the paragraph with words from the diagram in exercise 2. Seven of the planets have 3. Oh, no, Tracy isn't here! She was here at midday. Yes, but she isn't here now. Oh, look. There she is! She's coming now. Can you see her? Tracy, where were you? I was at a souvenir shop. Look at all these things. Oh, no, Tracy! You've got Stirling Castle pens, pencils and rubbers.

How many things have you got here? They're for all my friends at school.

And how much were they? Twelve pounds fifty. They weren't very expensive.

Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome

But how much money have you got now? Only eighty pence. Nick, can I have some of your money, please? No, you can't! Now write questions and answers like these. Were linda and Mike at the Science Museum on Tuesday?

No, they weren't. They were at Madame Tussaud's. Read about Linda and Mike. Linda and Mike were in London on a school visit last week. They were in two groups. They 3 , were together on some days, but sometimes they weren't. On Tuesday, they were together at Madame Tussaud's. They were together at the Science Museum on Thursday. Write these words in the correct column.

Write the conversation. That's one pound fifty, please. I'd like some postcards, please. Good morning. What would you like? Five, please. Thank you very much. They're thirty pence each. How many would you like? They are 60p each. Complete these words. It is about crocodiles under the city. It is about a terrible monster and the man who kills it, Saint George. It is about a king and his money and gold.

It is about 'el Dorado', the Land of Gold. It is about a monkey-king. Here are two stories about two monsters, the Yeti and Bigfoot.

Find the lines from the two stories and write them under the correct picture. People who live there say there is popular legend about a monster. People say a monster in the mountains. They call it the that it is very big and that it has a lot of hair. There are large footprints in the snow, Its name is Bigfoot, because there are big footprints in the snow. The footprints are and sometimes people hear and see 60 cms long and 20 cms wide.

But does something. But is it a monster, or is it a bear? We don't really know. Bigfoot really exist? We don't know! There were people on the river in those boats. They're called punts. There were a lot of interesting things there. You are in London. You meet someone at an international party. Write the questions and answer them. Read about Petros' trip to Cambridge and match the pictures with the paragraphs. Galileo was bom in , in Italy.

His family was very musical, and he played the organ and the lute. He studied to be a doctor, but he preferred Maths and Physics. In he made a telescope. He discovered a lot of the important things that we know about the solar system, for example the four moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn. He discovered that the planets go round the sun. He died in Say the words in each line. Cross out the word that hasn't got the same vowel sound.

He was a very good swimmer and won five gold medals at the Olympics in and He was the first person to swim metres in a minute and metres in five minutes. Later in his life he was more famous because he played Tarzan in the early films. Vocabulaiy Today is Tuesday, 15 March, Complete the table. Use Days: What was last month? What is next month? What is last month? What day is it tomorrow?

Read about Spanish. Today about two hundred and ninety million people speak Spanish as their native language. About forty million of these live in Spain and many more live in other countries, particularly in Central and South America, for example, Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay. Portuguese, not Spanish, is the official language in Brazil. For many people in these countries, Spanish is their first language, but some people in Spain and South America have two native languages.

In some parts of the United States, Spanish is a second language and it is now a joint official language in part of Florida. Students in Britain can learn Spanish as a second or third language at school. Complete this text about Greek. Many Spanish words come from Latin, and some come from Arabic and French. Some English words come from Spanish, for example, guitar guitarra , and some Spanish words come from English, for example, futbol football. Tamil b Punjabi b foreign languages.

I'm Maria da Silva, and I'm Brazilian. The first language in Brazil is Portuguese, but I also speak two foreign languages - Spanish and English. I use English a lot in my work. In a lot of countries it's the international language. I often speak to Japanese or French or Italian people in English. Use your answers to write paragraphs about Maria da Silva and Dewi Patel. Start like this:. Read about Dewi Patel. My name is Dewi Patel, and I'm from India.

My first language is Hindi, but we have a lot of other languages in my country such as Tamil and Punjabi. So, people like me speak English as a second language. I work for the government in the south of my country and I usually use English in my work. Indian people speak a lot of different languages, but we can always communicate in English.

Science second September seven seventeen seventh she she's six. English favourite February fifteen fifth first five football four fourteen fourth French Friday friend. Stories The Mystery of the Castle Diamonds answer clue diamond drum find horrible husband lose mirror mystery police surprise trumpet violin. Sheila and the Toy Thieves catch Congratulations! Its key features are: Open Doors 1 Workbook.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Write the sentences. Use Gary, Nick, Sara, Tina.

Use fifteen seventeen eighteen thirteen twelve twenty fourteen l i eleven Hi! I'm Nick. They students. Write a or an. M ike and I friends. Write the correct personal pronoun. Use I, you, she, he, it, we, they. Mike and Sue are students. Find the months of the year.

Christian Persecution

The tenth month of the year is October. The third lesson on Wednesday is Art. Ann What's your name? Susie I'm Susie. Name Age Susie Cook 3 Write the questions and answers. Waitress Where are you from? Are you fifteen? U s e 'm not, aren't, isn't. Is Sue from England? Tm not from Britain, I'm from Yes, she is. You're in Year I'm sixteen. I'm from England and I'm a student. Are Darren and Linda fifteen?

I'm seventeen. Darren I'm fourteen. Linda a student? Mike fifteen? I'm fourteen. Linda Darren and Linda teachers? Sue a student? Use this, that, these, those. Thats a table. Complete the plural forms. Is there a blackboard?

Use east north-west west north-east north south 2 Look at the map of Australia. Where's Sydney? It's in the south-east of Australia. Tracy Tom my cousins. Afi8 S sister 1 He works in a hotel.

Use the correct form of each verb. Match the words and pictures. Use Tim Steve parents children grandson son grandparents grandchildren granddaughter Mary and Harry are Steve's grandparents. Tim is Wendy's SOU.

Do the country names puzzle.

Open Doors 1 Workbook.pdf

It starts with 'S'. Nationality Britain 2 This country is in the south-east of Europe. England It starts with 'G'. Greece 3 This country is in the United Kingdom. It Ireland starts with 'E'.

Italy 4 This country is in the south-west of Portugal Europe. It starts with 'P'. Scotland 5 This country is in the south-east of South Spain America. They speak Spanish.

Turkey 6 This country is in the north of the United Wales Kingdom. USA 7 There are three countries here. It starts 3 Complete the sentences. Use 8 This country is in South America. Communication hamburgers octopus tea coffee Write the answers.

Gary 2 Ana. Gary 3 There aren't any sandwiches There are some apples. Do you like milkshakes? Do you like coffee? There are some hamburgers. Do you like tea?

Sue like History. Yes, he does. No, they don't. What's on the table? Use some or any. Do you study Do you study English? Find the food and drink. Match the words with the pictures.

Then write the answers in words. Then write the answers in numbers and symbols. Ten plus three equals thirteen.

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How much is the hamburger? How much does the soup cost? It costs Read the dialogue and complete the menu. Communication Complete the speech bubbles. Draw the times on the clocks. It's ten to eight. Write the time in words. Tennis Ice hockey Football Look at the questionnaire. Use eighth thirty-first twenty-ninth twentieth twelfth thirtieth seventeenth second fifth twenty-third fourth fourteenth 2nd 6 17th 4th 7 20th 5th 8 23rd 8th 9 29th 12th 10 30th 14th 11 31st Write the questions and complete the answers.

Vicky Can I watch TV until midnight? Dad No, you can't. Use living-room bathroom kitchen roof 2 dining-room hall toilet bedroom stairs garden garage Write the answers. You 1 Jack They're in the bedroom. Where's my tennis racket? You 2 Dad Where's my pen? You 3 Mum Where are my cassettes? You 5 Jack You 30 Where's my football? English across the curriculum 1 3 Now Sharon is staying with her penfriend Igor.

Read her postcard. Complete the notes about John's house. Tina Hane you got any tracksuits? Assistant Yes, we have. We've got some new Tina Gary Yes, 1 have. Tina What colour is it? Gary It's white. Gary Communication Colours What colour is it? Gary you like a grey one?

Gary's clothes Have you got a tracksuit? Would Tina Have you got a baseball cap? Assistant We've got grey, black and blue. Tina Tina Yes, I have. Tina Gary It's red. Tina Gary 33 They're blue. I Gram m ar Complete the sentences. Use hasn't got or haven't g o t hasn't got a TV. Sue and Darren haven't got computers. Use has got or have got Linda hiS t a computer. Use Don't forget your anorak!

Have you got a small one? I'd like SOfflS bill ones, blue 1 I don't like this black baseball cap. This k a panda. Kate lives in the north-west of Scotland. Pills 1 Martin lives in North Wales.

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Ana Nick Gary This is brilliant! No, it isn't! The water's very cold! And I can't swim! Write the names. Write the present continuous form of these verbs. TV every day. Use leg, head, arm, back, foot. Find the parts of the body and then label Marty. Complete the phone conversation. Tom Hi, Tracy. It's Tom. What if ll doing? Ana's English lessons finish at half past 1 sometimes listen to music, three. F illi 1 How often do you go to a disco?

True or false? Match the questions and answers. Yes, she is. My parents I;.. My parents are drinking drink coffee, my brother It's nine o'clock. Use autumn, spring, winter, summer.

Complete the puzzle. It is Read the notes and write about Canterbury. The population is Introduction about one thousand two hundred. Name Canterbury The town Type of place city Ullapool is an old town. The main industries Size small are fishing and tourism. A lot of people go Location south-east of England there for their holidays. Population 50, The environment The city There are some mountains near Ullapool.

The Modem or old? There isn't The environment a lot of air pollution in the town, but there is The land small hills some pollution in the sea. The climate warm in the summer often cold in the winter Complete the notes about Ullapool. What time does Sergeant Daley usually get up? At four o'clock. Saturday afternoon Sara What are vou doing on Saturday afternoon? Ramesh I'm playing table tennis.

Mike is playing football. Mike isn't cleaning his bike. Write 3 Linda and Sue aren't playing tennis sentences. Mike isn't going to the shops. Complete the paragraph about Kelly. Use at, on, in. Kelly gets up having i t half past seven.Often motivated by social interaction. Home Open doors 2 students book students book level 2 Students with disabilities.

Oh, no, Tracy isn't here! Have you got white 4 I'd like a tracksuit, but I don't want expensive 5 These apples are small. Book Report Sandwich,. Ten plus three equals thirteen. I wanted her to read this to me every night. Immigrant Voices of the 21st Century Book Club.