download Edexcel igcse Ict, Student Book 1 by Roger Crawford (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Edexcel's own Student Book for the new Edexcel International GCSE ICT specification * Provides complete coverage of the Edexcel International. Edexcel International GCSE ICT--Student Book book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Providing complete coverage of the Edexc.

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Edexcel International GCSE ICT Student Book by Roger Crawford, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Synopsis: Edexcel's own Student Book for the new Edexcel International GCSE ICT specification Provides complete coverage of the Edexcel. Edexcel International GCSE ICT Student Book provides complete coverage of the Edexcel International GCSE specification, so you can be sure you and.

As it is only the assessment information that is required, this printout is likely to include only the name, gender and a grade for each subject for each pupil and this could be printed on one line.

The layout should be neat and tidy. For example, a stylized picture of a sheep for b. The pie would have slices for swimming, weight lifting, aerobics, sauna and jacuzzi. To emphasise that aerobic exercise is the most popular activity, the aerobic slice could be slightly removed from the rest of the pie.

To emphasise that weight lifting is the least popular activity, the weight lifting slice could be slightly removed from the rest of the pie. Note that if a one character code was used swimming and sauna could have the same code. To keep the code meaningful and consistent, the first two letters are used. Any reasonable answer, for example: Information for customers would be designed to both provide the information and persuade them to download the goods and services sold by the organisation.

Microsoft Paint. You can create and edit bit mapped images. Microsoft PowerPoint. You can create and edit a slide show. For example:. Microsoft Works includes word processing software, a spreadsheet, a calendar, a database and a project planner. OpenOffice includes software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more.

General-purpose software, in contrast to specialised software, can be used for a variety of tasks but must be set up or customized before use. Off-the-shelf software means you can walk into a shop, take the software package off the shelf and download it. Custom written or proprietary software is created to meet the needs of a particular business or individual. You get what you want, whereas off-the-shelf software may not meet all your needs.

You have closer control over what custom written software is capable of. You can extend the features of custom written software but you can only use the features already available in offthe-shelf software. A custom written program produced for a specific purpose may run faster, because its code is optimised to serve that one purpose only. Custom written software takes time to develop whereas off-the-shelf software is available immediately.

The cost of development for custom written software is likely to be higher than the price of offthe-shelf software.

A custom written package is essentially new, since it has only just been produced. An off-theshelf package may have been around for some time other people will have used it, so you can learn from them about its strengths and weaknesses.

You cannot fully assess custom written software beforehand. You may have to spend some time training staff to use custom written software as it will not be like other software, whereas off-the-shelf software tends to be widely used and easy to use so that there are usually a large number of people who are already familiar with it.

In Figure 3. Cannot copy the files when there is no compatible MP3 encoder installed on the computer. This can be used to insert a Hyperlink to website in a Word document. In Windows, on desktop, double click on the My Computer icon. If the external hard disk is shown as drive F: Licensed software is sold. downloadrs download the rights to use the software. These rights are typically one or more of: Public domain software is free software.

The owners of the software make it available to anyone who wants to use it, or specific groups of users, at zero download cost. Software producers may place any restriction on the use of the software that they wish. Even so, most public domain software carries no restrictions on its use.

Shareware is licensed software that is initially distributed freely in the manner of public domain software.

Users may install the software and try it out. However, if they decide to make regular use of the software they must pay a licence fee. Users sometimes receive improved versions of the software when a licence fee is paid.

Where the licence fee is not paid, use of the software is illegal. Open a window which shows the file on the hard disk.

Open a window which shows the contents of the memory stick. Drag the file from the window on the hard disk to the window on the memory stick and drop it.

You need to give a file a name so you can identify it when you need it later. If you dont do this, either the operating system will block you from saving the file or the software will generate an automatic default filename which you may not recognise later. When you select Save, the open file is saved with its current filename.

When you select Save As, you have the opportunity to rename the file. Use the online support material for this exercise. Your answer to Exercise 4. Tobago Tobago is considered one of the jewels of the Caribbean. Nature lovers and visitors alike can experience the unspoilt lush tropical vegetation that abounds on the island, which is also filled with a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Tobago is a small island located approximately 22 miles north east of Trinidad.

The population is about 50 and consists mainly of descendants of African slaves brought to work the sugar plantations in the 17th century. The native language is English and the majority of the population are Christians. The people of Tobago are warm and friendly. The surrounding white sandy beaches with their blue Caribbean waters are ideal for relaxation and bathing. For the adventurous at heart there is an abundance of water sports such as surfing, scuba diving and kayaking, just to name a few.

The famous Nylon Pool is found in the waters off Store Bay. This is a safe bathing area with clear blue water and is located on a sand bank about a mile from the shore.

Not too far off is one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, filled with a wide variety of colourful tropical fish. The local cuisine in Tobago is truly delightful. A visitor can choose from a wide variety of local and international dishes. Some of the favourite local dishes are curried crabs and dumpling, curried goat and the ever popular bake and fry fish. Your name and the date here. Exercise 4.

As you are aware the present executive has reviewed the accounting and budgeting procedures. In order. Cash List Form This form will be used to record all petty cash transactions. Fund Raising Form This form will be used to inform the executive of all fund raising details.

If there are any questions concerning the new forms please contact the assistant treasurer. We look forward to your continued support. Any reasonable answer that meets the requirements of the task is acceptable.

You should provide a printout of the folder showing the saved document. You should print the edited table and it should look like this:. Staff Agenda, Volume 1, Number The page number should be centred and in the footer.

On behalf of the bank I wish to express our sincere appreciation to and extend best wishes to the following employees:. Ms Black has been promoted to Accounting Supervisor, effective September 26, Cardinal served the bank for ten 10 years in the Accounting department. Mrs Achong served the bank for eight 8 years in various departments. On behalf of the bank I would like to welcome the following employees to our institution: Larry Phillips has been employed as a Programmer I in the M.

Phillips started on October 6, Glenn Singh has been employed as a Professional Trainee in the Accounting department. Singh started on October 6, All branches are asked to elect their team captains and start making preparations for this grand day.

There will be events for the entire family. Music will be provided and each employee and their family will receive chits for lunch and refreshments. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you with your family.

The Scrabble club will be having a Christmas breakfast on December 14, to raise funds to download hampers for the needy. This is the first in a series of seminars and workshops designed to empower our staff with the necessary skills to deal with the problem of money laundering.

Supervisors attending the seminar will conduct knowledge-sharing presentations within their Banks upon their return. There will be a three-day Advanced Excel workshop to be held on January 21 to 23, at the Training Centre in Couva. The workshop is designed for members of staff who have completed the Introductory Excel course.

Notification will be sent to managers of respective branches, who would then make arrangements for individual employees to attend. The Bank would like to congratulate the following employees on obtaining their Institute of Bankers Diploma: Kevin Khan. With the increasing competition from our competitors we must seek to differentiate ourselves by standing out from the others.

We believe this could be achieved by customer service. Customer service is the perception the public has of our institution. It is about delivering to our customers what we advertise, the personal touch that makes a customer feel special. Remember that poor customer service is an unpleasant experience and could lead to loss of business.

Good customer service is a pleasant experience and leads to further business.

At this point in our banks development, we would like all our employees to remember that good customer service is one of the main contributors to the growth of our organization. All employees are invited along with a guest. Cocktails will be from 7. Music will be provided by a DJ and a live band. We look forward to seeing all employees.

Kindly pay this amount to your account, number Aug to avoid any inconvenience. In other spreadsheets this special character may be different. A range reference identifies a rectangular group of cells. For example, in Excel, B4: A9 ICT. A worksheet is a page of a spreadsheet. For keeping track of personal income and spending. A spreadsheet would be used because its easy to edit; the layout encourages systematic working; formulae can be used and these recalculate when related cells are edited.

To produce sales figures for a business. A spreadsheet is used because the latest data can be entered and a chart can easily be produced and it will be automatically updated if there are any changes.

You should have created the worksheet identical to that shown in Figure 5. Your spreadsheet should now be similar to Figure 5.

In this instance, recalculation means that when the value in cell C5 is edited then the value in C6 changes automatically.

Spicy chicken and egg with noodles:. You should have used RedCell to emphasise the items of expenditure which Jean might be able to reduce. These items are entirely Jeans personal choice; however, it is likely that she would have emphasised Food and Entertainment as spending on these is a very large proportion of her income. If there are 20 customers and 5 checkouts open, the last customer will have to wait 18 minutes. If the number of checkouts open is reduced to 4 then customers will have to wait over 10 minutes.

As a result, all 5 checkouts will need to be open. This enables the maximum number of checkouts required to be calculated. However, it may be more economical to have fewer checkouts or the number of checkouts may be restricted by the design of the building.

In this case, the supermarket can use the model to identify how long customers will have to wait when they are busy and plan ways to reduce queues or facilities to keep customers amused while waiting, for example with food tasting. The student should spend less at Games World and travel less frequently or reduce expenditure on travelling by walking, for example. This question is easier if you begin setting up the spreadsheet by putting the rates of pay in identifiable cells and use absolute cell references rather than building the rates of pay into formula.

It is possible to offer each group of workers an increase but how this is distributed could depend on factors other than affordability, such as, ability to recruit and the effect on productivity and profits. It is better to use the date of birth because this is likely to be accurate for the lifetime of the individual whereas age is only accurate for one year at most.

Figure 6. Bit mapped graphics have a fixed number of pixels. If the image is smaller the pixels are denser and the image looks sharper; if the image is larger the pixels are spread out and the image quality can be fuzzy. For example, a straight line will be stored as the coordinates of the start and end points. The straight line between these is constructed by the graphics software. A vector graphic will always have the same file size.

In the example in b , the coordinates of the ends of the points are stored and these will be the same whatever the size of the image. A large bit mapped file will be bigger than a small bit mapped file if image quality is the same because it will have more pixels.

Answers Chapter 8 Exercise 8. What search engines do: The Yorkshire Dales region is located to the north west of Skipton and to the east of the M6. Tourists holiday in the Yorkshire Dales if they are interested in: You should list the name and website address of places to stay. Self catering accommodation. You should list activities available at a sports centre, for example: The name of each activity could be a hyperlink to the slide that has information about it.

Research this at a local sports centre, for example:. Football five-a-side Suitable for different age groups, such as 16 to 19 years old. List the times the activity takes place, such as 4. Find out the cost at a local sports centre. Insert a link back to the menu slide. When you draw a map of the LAN, this will probably show a direct connection from each computer to a hub or server.

If you do this for a computer room, you may also find it interesting to draw a scale diagram of this and draw the actual location of the network on it. A LAN consists of a collection of computers that can share peripherals and Information, and communicate with each other over a network. These are likely to be in the same room, building, department, school or workplace. Information can be transmitted in many ways; for example, using highspeed telephone lines, fibre optic cables, microwave links and satellite links, or a combination of these.

Software and data files can be shared by many users. Users can work together on a single shared document. Users can communicate by using instant messaging or email, for example. Users can stream media, so that they can view video and play audio on any computer or other device attached to the network.

It is usually cheaper to download one copy of a software application and pay the licence fee for several computers, than to download individual licences for each computer. Users can share hardware devices. For example, an expensive, very good quality, high speed, A3 printer could be shared by network users at a lower cost per user than if each user had to be provided with a local printer that would be likely to be cheap, poor quality, slow and print on A4 paper.

Users can share an Internet connection. A faster, higher bandwidth broadband Internet connection could be downloadd for a LAN, and this could allow every user to be connected at the same time. If each user was connected individually, then the Internet connections would be more expensive and slower. Users access rights can be controlled centrally. For example, a user can be given a username and password that will work on any connected computer.

When the user logs on to the network, they may see their own customised screen and be given access to some resources but blocked from accessing other files.

Computers attached to the network can be maintained either centrally or from any network station. For example, if some software has become corrupted on a network station, the network technician can log on at any other network station, and remove and reinstall the software. Similarly, users passwords can be reset and the printer queue can be maintained.

The initial set-up costs are higher than for the same number of individual computers because a server and network cabling have to be installed.

However, this has to be set against the need to download printers and scanners for the individual computers whereas fewer would be needed for a LAN. There is an increased risk of data corruption. Since many users will be using the system, there is a greater chance of data being corrupted or tampered with.

There is a greater risk from viruses, because they are easily spread between the computers that are part of the LAN. If the server breaks down then the entire network will not function. Access is more flexible. If the user is moving around within range of the network, access can be maintained. A WLAN may be easier and cheaper to install as fewer cables are required.

Electrical and network cables are usually embedded within the structure of the building and special provision has to be made for this. For example, in the UK, if you have broadband through a telephone line:. Advantages of dial-up Internet access: You only pay for what you use and you use a normal telephone line. Disadvantages of dial-up Internet access: Slow web access.

The telephone line cannot be used by someone else during Internet access for either telephone calls or Internet access for an additional computer. Advantages of broadband: Much faster web access.

The normal telephone line is available in addition to VoIP over your broadband connection. Disadvantages of broadband: You pay a monthly subscription for connection. A high speed broadband connection is not available everywhere in the UK. You need a subscription to an ISP so that you can access the Internet. The terms narrowband and broadband are used to describe the capacity of transmission channels, but these terms are not exact.

ISBN 13: 9780435044114

Narrowband is used to refer to data transmission over a telephone line using an analogue modem that can transmit data at speeds up to 56 Kbps or 56 Kbaud.

Broadband has much faster transmissions speeds. Any reasonable answer, for example:. Email usually arrives faster than a letter sent in the post. This is especially true for long distances; for example, you would expect an email to Australia from the UK to be very fast but a parcel might take several days. You need a computer and Internet access to send email. These are expensive to download and you need to know how to use them.

You can send more documents by email and the cost is the same whereas with the mail, the more you send the more it costs. You can send a wider variety of contents by mail. For example, you could send clothing, whereas with email you can only send documents or other similar attachments.

If you already have a computer and Internet access then email is almost cost free, whereas with a letter you have to pay each time you send one and the cost relates to the size of the letter or parcel. With email, it doesnt matter if the person you are trying to contact isnt there. You can send an email at any time and this is saved until the recipient accesses their email.

To speak to someone on the telephone, they must be there or you can leave voicemail which is effectively spoken email. A telephone is relatively cheap to download and easy to use. You can send documents by email whereas with the telephone you cannot send documents. If you already have a computer and Internet access then email is almost cost free, whereas with a telephone call you have to pay each time you make a call and the cost relates to the distance covered.

With a telephone call you can have a conversation but with email most communication has to be entered into a computer. You can send a wider variety of contents by email whereas with a telephone call you can only speak. Email contacts are an electronic address book containing names, email and postal addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

Contacts can be used to quickly find the email address of the person you are sending the email to. A mailing list is a group of people using email to communicate their views on common issues or interests. When a member sends a new message to the list then all the members of the list will receive this message in their in box.

A newsgroup is a group of people with common interests who communicate by posting messages and replies on the Internet. Members have to remember to look for new messages and may forget or not realise a new message has been posted. Chat is direct communication with a group of people by sending messages which are delivered immediately to everyone in the chat room.

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You might want to use it for socializing with a group of friends or organizing a job with a work group. Any reasonable answer, for example: Search engines have indexes of the web addresses of information pages and brief descriptions of what is on the page and these are associated with key words.

When key words are entered in the search engine, the web addresses and descriptions are retrieved from the index. A browser enables a user to access and view web pages. Any reasonable, for example:. Bookmarks or Favorites. Used for storing the web addresses of pages that you want to access again. Home button to return to the home page. Tool bar with buttons. The buttons on the tool bar can be selected by the user. Go backward button, to return to the previous page.

Refresh button to force the browser to access the web page. A cache to store frequently accessed web pages. Accessibility features, such as enlarging text. You find what you want to download, pay for it by credit or debit card and it is delivered to your home by post or delivery van.

Any reasonable advantage, for example:. You can read the comments of others who have bought the goods. Any reasonable disadvantage, for example. Hackers may copy your credit or debit card and use it to defraud you. You can look at your bank statements, pay money to other on line accounts and receive payments.

It is easier to invest in a wider range of bank and savings accounts. Pearson Education Ltd You can set up payments to others in advance so you dont forget to pay.

You never have to travel to a branch of the bank if there are any. You have to use a cashpoint to withdraw cash. Cheques can only be paid in by post or at a branch of the bank.

If you need advice from your bank you can only get this by telephone or email. You have to have a computer with Internet access. You may find real examples in your email inbox. Provision of information about its products for customers.

Edexcel International GCSE ICT Student Book

Any reasonable answer, for example: Information for customers would be designed to both provide the information and persuade them to download the goods and services sold by the organisation.

It would be eye catching and direct customers to adverts. The information could be structured to provide a positive view of the organisation. Information for employees would be designed to provide the information in ways that supports them in their work for the organisation.

Other considerations would be much less important. Any reasonable answer, for example: During the season, a football team usually plays at least once each week. Fans are interested in the progress of their team and often want to know the result and the position in the league table after each match.

This would be available immediately and you could print it and take it with you. Any reasonable answer for the following.You only pay for what you use and you use a normal telephone line.

Any reasonable advantage, for example:. Licensed software is sold. It cannot print detailed images or photographs. This will damage the good reputation of the airline and disappointed passengers will seek compensation.

Paperback , pages. No notes for slide. Different users have different preferences and find different devices easier to use. A police officer can enter a cars registration number and find out if the owner has paid road tax and car insurance, or whether the car is stolen. Preprinted stationery is used for letters.