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The Magic 4. The Hero 5. How the Secret Changed My Life 6. The Secret Daily Teachings #Edit- I updated Dropbox link for download books of Rhonda Byrne. Rhonda Byrne - plicanodfratran.ga . Byrne - A TitokDocuments · Rhonda Byrne - Az Ero. pdfDocuments · Rhonda Byrne MagijaDocuments. schuster, inc., new york. the secret book pdf by rhonda byrne - pdf books free - rhonda real people. real stories. pdf by rhonda byrne rhonda byrne - magija.

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The Secret is a bestselling self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, based on the earlier film of the same name.. Listen to Secret audiobook by Rhonda Byrne. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Bestsellers and latest releases.. Paslaptis Na va, perskaiiau Rhonda Byrne knyg "The secret"..

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Published on Sep 28, If you believe that you are thin and beautiful, then The Universe will magically deliver healthy, skinny goodness — like raw carrots and three hours on the treadmill — every morning, right to your front door.

Or something. As human beings, we have a limited amount of attention for all the stuff going on around us. Therefore, whether we realize it or not usually not , we are always choosing what we pay attention to. It does this for the simple reason that it is biologically economical and efficient.

For example, you spend years not really paying attention to what kind of car people drive. But then the time comes for you to start thinking about downloading a car and suddenly you notice the make and model of cars all over the place.

You start making decisions about which styles you like and what features you care about. Suddenly you find yourself thinking back and noticing all sorts of shady and questionable behavior from your friend that you never noticed or thought about before.

The Secret advocates that people assume the identities of the person they wish to become — to actually believe that they are already rich, already skinny and healthy, already in a perfect relationship. Essentially, The Secret tells you to become delusionally positive about yourself for a long enough period of time that your natural confirmation bias kicks in and you only attend to the things in your life that match these new beliefs.

This may actually be beneficial — at least at first — for people who have some pretty fucked up and delusional negative beliefs about themselves.

Drug X might help hundreds of millions, even billions of people and you would be rich, famous, and loved by all. But you read The Secret and you told The Universe that you would find a cure for cancer. So you plow ahead with Drug X, pouring money, time, brainpower, and precious resources into it.

You rationalize the negative results away because doubting yourself is tantamount to doubting The Universe, and no one fucks with The Universe. And for what? To feel a little better about yourself? Looks like the universe is sending us a big smelly fart. Another example is your love life.

Psychological research shows that trying to suppress thoughts about something only makes those thoughts more likely to recur. Thinking about the things you do not want can lead to more negative thinking and put you in a vicious cycle of negativity. Govorio je meko sa dozom karizme i autoriteta. Malo se raspitivao o tome kako smo putovali, koliko je trebalo vremena da stignemo iz Teksasa do Los Angeles-a, i tako dalje. Svi su se nasmijali. Siguran sam da nije ni on imao pojma o tome.

Nema identiteta.

Nisu se kontrolisali. Bilo to svjesno ili ne, postojalo je u mojoj glavi. U jednom trenutku tokom trajanja kursa Dr. Hew Len me opet prozvao. Hew Len je rekao. U stvari, kasnije sam pitao Dr. Dakle, koji je odgovor?

magija knjiga rhonda byrne pdf free

Napisao sam pismo i poslao ga Dr. Hew Len-u. On je izronio iz moje podsvijesti.

Ukratko, namjera je mlitavi dronjak u odnosu na inspiraciju. Vidi na www. Napravila je reklamni dio filma za svega 10 minuta. To je bilo krucijalno pitanje u vezi moga zanimanja po pitanju namjera. Ali ja sam uradila posao. Ja sam to stvorila.


Da, trebalo je uraditi posao, i Rhonda ga je uradila. Knjiga je izlazila.

Larry King je radio dva specijala bazirana na idejama iz filma. Audio verzija je izlazila. Kada djelujete iz nultog stanja gdje nema granica, ne trebaju vam namjere.

Vi jednostavno primate i djelujete.

To je izgleda mjesto gdje stupa na scenu slobodna volja. Na sve ovo Dr. Sama ideja je o totalnoj odgovornosti. Ne postoji niko koga bi smo krivili.

Sve si ti. Zapitala je jedna osoba. Mi nismo odgovorni za sve to, zar ne? Bez izuzetka. Gledao je njihove dosijee.


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