The Term Biology Refers To The Science Of Living Organisms. The Book "Glossary Of Biology Terms" Define And Explain The Scientific Terminology Relating To Biology. It’s A Complete Compilation of Ecology, Botany, Zoology, and Microbiology Terms. The Idaho Biology Glossary includes key scientific terminology and definitions. This information is intended to assist Idaho educators in better understanding the . Glossary. □ Entries printed in red are IB command terms. □ Entries are aides- mémoire, rather than of biology, particularly of microorganisms, enzymology.

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A ~ A bit much If something is excessive or annoying, it is a bit much. A fool and his money New Microsoft Word Docume. Glossary of Biological Terms. This collection of over biological terms and definitions is available for quick reference as you use The Biology Place, Classic . The High School English-Chinese Physics Glossary was developed to assist the Biology. The Social Studies Series: • Global History 1. • Global History 2.

In animal cells it is an actin -rich layer responsible for movements of the cell surface.

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In eucaryotic cells it entails division of the nucleus mitosis closely followed by division of the cytoplasm cytokinesis. It is prominent in most plants, bacteria, algae, and fungi. Not present in most animal cells.

Originally identified in yeasts. It provides tensile strength in plant cell walls. In adult mammals these are the thymus and bone marrow.

In vertebrates it consists of the brain and spinal cord. A pair of centrioles is usually found at the center of a centrosome in animal cells. It is also the site on the DNA where the kinetochore forms that captures microtubules from the mitotic spindle. In most animal cells it contains a pair of centrioles. CGN see cis Golgi network channel protein Membrane transport protein that forms an aqueous pore in the membrane through which a specific solute , usually an ion , can pass.

Important in the functioning of the immune system.

It is a specialized form of plastid. See Figure 10— The two identical chromatids are called sister chromatids. The material of which chromosomes are made.

Glossary of Biological Terms

See affinity chromatography , DNA affinity chromatography , high-performance liquid chromatography. It is a sign of genetic recombination and the crossovers chiasmata are visible in the light microscope.

See Figure 20— Especially evident in plant and animal cells undergoing mitosis or meiosis , where each chromosome becomes condensed into a compact rodlike structure visible under the light microscope. Cilia are found in large numbers on the surface of many cells, and are responsible for the swimming of many single-celled organisms.

It is adjacent to the cis Golgi network. Oxidizes acetyl groups derived from food molecules to CO2 and H2O.

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In eucaryotic cells it occurs in the mitochondria. It is present on almost all cell types and presents viral peptides on the surface of virus -infected cells, where they are recognized by cytotoxic T cells.

See Figure 24— Such regions are continually forming and budding off by endocytosis to form intracellular clathrin-coated vesicles containing extracellular fluid and the materials dissolved in it.

Specialized type of cell division seen in many early embryos whereby a large cell becomes subdivided into many smaller cells without growth. From a population of lymphocytes with a vast repertoire of randomly generated antigen specificities, a given foreign antigen activates selects only those cells with the corresponding antigen specificity.

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It is formed by the pinching off of a coated region of membrane coated pit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Glossaries of science and engineering. Biology Botanical terms Ecological terms Plant morphology terms.

History of biology. Germ theory of disease Central dogma of molecular biology Darwinism Great chain of being Hierarchy of life Lamarckism One gene—one enzyme hypothesis Protocell RNA world hypothesis Sequence hypothesis Spontaneous generation.

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Fisher E. Ford J. Stephen Jay Gould W.

Williams Carl Woese. Carroll Scott F.

History of science Philosophy of biology Teleology Ethnobotany Eugenics History of the creation-evolution controversy Human Genome Project Humboldtian science Natural history Natural philosophy Natural theology Relationship between religion and science Timeline of biology and organic chemistry. Topics related to biology.

Biologist Notable biologists History of biology Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Timeline of biology and organic chemistry List of geneticists and biochemists. Bachelor of Science Publications. Omne vivum ex ovo In vivo In vitro In utero In silico.

List of conservation topics Altricial and Precocial development strategies.Figure conformation The precise shape of a protein or other macromolecule in three dimensions resulting from the spatial location of the atoms in the molecule. Interphase Closer Look: Figure b benign Referring to a tumor containing cells that closely resemble normal cells. Figure cytokine Any of numerous secreted, small proteins e.

Biomembranes I: