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, September: Intelligence Analyst Caine Riordan uncovers a conspiracy on Earth's Moon—a history-making clandestine project—and ends up involuntarily. File; Original TitleReno and Sal Gabrini: Fire with Fire; CreatorMallory Monroe; Languageen. Love is a battlefield — and only the strong survive. Shunning his Ivy League education and the empire that was his birthright, Damian Cavallo.

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And Chen saw that he meant it, but was also disappointed. Now that Caine Riordan was in cold sleep, there was no way to awaken him without calling attention to the covert activities being undertaken on Luna.

Which meant that- "Have you informed our contacts that we will need to initiate a 'missing, presumed dead' scenario to cover up Mr. Riordan's disappearance? Downing will need access to the corridor security footage.

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We'll overwrite the recording of the incident with 'neutral view' footage. See to that quickly, Rich. Corcoran turned back to Chen. Riordan was carrying? Riordan for now.

I'll have need of them later. He looked at Caine Riordan's deathly white face, made blue by the glass of the cryocell's lid.

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Downing shook his head again. The Taiwanese will have to transfer Caine from their cryogenic system to ours, first. We can't take receipt of a foreign cryocell: too likely that someone will ask an awkward question. When Downing was well out of earshot, Corcoran looked down at the cold cell again and spoke to Chen in a very low tone. Riordan will experience a difficult reanimation.

It is vastly superior to our current models. Memory loss has been reduced to the same level as your 'slow freeze' technology. Indeed, recent studies-" Corcoran looked up from the cold cell, his eyes unblinking. Chen, that this will be a difficult reanimation. In fact, it will be very difficult, and I'm sure the memory loss will be even worse than with your older models. Now, looking into Nolan Corcoran's blue eyes, he suddenly found himself revising his opinion. Riordan's reanimation will be most difficult.

Singularly difficult. The look on his face puzzled Chen: was it guilt, regret, resolve-or all three?

Chen turned to his security detachment. Riordan for 'augmented' reanimation prior to transfer back to the US authorities. Chemical and electroconvulsive. It seemed as though, in the midst of this waking, he had eaten, gone back to sleep, had conversations, other dreams, more meals, then finally.

But why was he already sitting, and why was he ringed by spotlights?

A voice-speaking in an English accent-asked: "Are the lights too bright? I can dim them, if you wish. Caine thought back: he was on the lunar suborbital ferry to Perry City-and then nothing. As though someone had snipped a filmstrip in the middle of a scene. First he was there, and then he was here.

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And between the two-nothing. Abruptly, Caine no longer saw the still-blinding lights: finding no memories to fill that blank space, his awareness exploded inward, like a multitude of rushing hands, scrabbling in a dark closet. But instead of touching something tangible, they only encountered more yawning darkness, into which he was falling, falling, falling.

Caine felt a cool hand on his shoulder and suddenly he was seeing again, looking into dark brown eyes in a thin face, skin the color of seared wheat. Male, early middle-aged but lean, and seamed enough to look older, brown hair receding from either side of a widow's peak.

The eyes were patient, concerned. Tell me: what do you remember? But after that-" Caine felt a snap-frost of panic coat his body.

Have I been in an accident? And what kind of protective custody would cause me to black out, or-" Or lose my muscle tone, Caine suddenly realized, seeing his wrists and arms for the first time: my God, I must have lost five kilos. How long have I-? Long-face-brown-eyes nodded at Caine's sudden fixation with his limbs.

Riordan, protective custody meant being placed in cryogenic suspension.Poor, dear Vi was always afraid. Please select region, state or province. I knew it as surely as I knew my name was Hannah Smith. Long-face-brown-eyes nodded at Caine's sudden fixation with his limbs.

The Taiwanese will have to transfer Caine from their cryogenic system to ours, first. I'd been given a roof over my head, food in my belly, an education to rival any lord's daughter and a dear friend in Vi.

Those clouds are miles away.