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Hh Legiones Astartes Crusade Army List Isstvan - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes - Isstvan Campaign Legions Preceded by, The Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List for all Space Marine Legion armies in Horus Heresy games using the Battles in Horus Heresy Army Lists, 6th Edition, Crusade Army List/Isstvan Campaign Legions. Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Legions hh legiones astartes campaign legions isstvan. eldar Best Sites For D&D PDF Downloads.

Certainly, they trailed down his face in tight, perfect lines, from his shaved head to his jawline, each sentence a prayer of devotion, a prophetic hope for the future, or an invocation of strength from a higher power. Yet for all his majesty, the Seventeenth Primarch did not display his grandeur by ceremonial wargear. His armour may have been gold, but it was no more ornate than the Mark III plate worn by his captains.

It reached the ears of his closest sons, and translated smoothly across the vox for the rear ranks. His slender lips were curled into the crooked half-smile of an impassioned poet, despite standing in 37 The First Heretic the grave of his greatest achievement. In his gauntleted hands, clutched in gold fists that seemed reluctant to raise the weapon, was a crozius the height of an Astartes warrior.

Evenly-spaced spikes the length of human forearms projected from its outer edges, lending the mace a brutish air almost at odds with the philosophical seeker who carried it across the stars. Entire worlds had been put to the flame by its bearer, while every Chaplain of the Word Bearers Legion wielded its lesser reflection.

The primarch cast glances back at the grounded Ultramarines Thunderhawks, waiting for any signs of emergence. Lorgar turned away from his sons, now staring down at the impassive gunships.

His whisper carried to the entire Legion. Come to me and answer for your madness. Facing an ocean of grey armour, a single company of Ultramarines had made planetfall with their primarch. He settled for both, his irritation rising all the while. It depicted a rearing white horse with a mane of fire, over a series of numerals.

The creature seemed in motion, the flames of its mane real and burning. Aethon himself commanded an entire Imperial Expedition away from his primarch, and was rumoured to be a stern ambassador and a shrewd diplomat. Whatever the truth, the captain was trusted with a great deal more responsibility and independence than most other Astartes could ever claim. The final gunship ramp lowered on steam-venting pistons. Guilliman, by contrast, was hulking where the Sigillite was sparse.

Captains, step forward. One hundred Chaplains, their gold trimmings and crozius mauls marking them out from the ranks, remained a step behind. Behind the warrior-priests, a hundred thousand Word Bearers stood at the ready, holding ranks despite the uneven platform made by the pulverised ground.

His eyes were the hardest part to take in. There was no doubt, no speculation, no curiosity — nothing that told of mortal emotion behind the deep-set eyes. The face could have been sculpted from suntanned stone. Dignity incarnate.

The Seventh Captain repressed a shiver, and turned his attention to the Sigillite. Too human to fear, yet too influential to ignore. Here, and apparently supporting the Ultramarines in their destruction of the perfect city.

Welcome to Monarchia. Argel Tal narrowed his eyes at the absolute neutrality in the tone, not a ghost of emotion. It grieves us all? You do not look grieved, my brother. Lorgar broke his stare after several moments, regarding the Sigillite. What happened here? What madness has been allowed to run unchecked? The Ultramarines flinched back, several raising weapons in hands that shook with surprise. Lorgar threw his arms out to the sides, taking in the surrounding devastation a second time, and spit flew from his lips as he roared.

I demand it!

His blade and bolter were suddenly very heavy in his hands, and he stared at the Ultramarines displaying their own shock so openly. While they held ranks, it was clear they were uneasy. And rightly so. It was the model of compliance!

A flutter of voices teased the vox-network as the Word Bearers picked up signals from the Ultramarines voxing each other in their unease. Only Guilliman appeared unmoved.

Justify this, when statues of the Emperor adorned every place of gathering! He looked at his hands, fingers curled into claws as if he would tear out his own eyes. Have you travelled the length of the galaxy to show me you have lost your fragile mortal mind?

Every warrior nearby heard the wrenching snap of bones breaking, and Malcador crashed onto the rocky ground twenty metres away, tumbling to a halt in the dust. He rose on unsteady limbs, his words strained and spoken through bleeding lips. Malcador stood, still hunched from the pain, and ordered the approaching Ultramarines away.

With his arm outstretched, his staff leapt from the ground a dozen metres away and slapped neatly into his palm. Your father knows. He closed his eyes, raised his head to the sky, and spoke without sound. He was simply shielding his eyes.

To the vessels in orbit. The world around them exploded in light. But he was blind. Blinded by gold, burning like molten metal. Blind and almost deafened, Argel Tal felt his bolter slip from his grip. It took all his strength to remain standing. No blinding golden light. No deafening psychic roar.

Hh Legiones Astartes Crusade Army List Isstvan

He saw six figures standing in unity, five of whom he did not recognise, and one he did. Behind them, the Ultramarines — not afflicted as his warriors were — were on their knees in an orderly display. Only Guilliman and the Sigillite remained standing.

Lorgar looked back to the six. The five ringed the familiar figure, and though the primarch did not know them by name, he knew their creed. Achingly elaborate armour of rich gold. Cloaks of royal scarlet draped from their shoulders.

Long halberds topped by weighty silver blades, gripped in hands that would never tremble. Lorgar looked to the sixth figure, who was just a man. He was a young, grimacing warlord with cold eyes, and a confused elder on the edge of weeping. Lorgar focused on those eyes now, seeing the warmth of love within the benevolence of trust. The man blinked slowly, and as his eyes opened again, they were cold with the frigid touch of disappointment blending into the ice of disgust.

His voice was quiet but strong, lost in the indecipherable vista between hatred and kindness. He managed to look through his dimmed visor, seeing a towering figure deep in a corona of agonising white light. Around the figure, cloaked and gold-armoured warriors hefted unique spears with practiced ease. Each one was the size of an Astartes, and no Astartes could fail to recognise them. There was no resisting. Muscles acted instantly, no matter that many hearts fought not to obey.

Argel Tal was one of them. This was not fealty, nor worship, nor service. This was slavery, and his instincts rebelled at the enforced devotion even as he obeyed it. One hundred thousand Word Bearers kneeled in the dust of the perfect city, rendered prone by Imperial decree. A Legion was on its knees.

Fire flickered in his eyes when he returned his gaze to the Emperor. He looked past the Emperor to Guilliman, straight-backed and proud. When he returned his gaze to his father, he wiped his eyes with his soft fingertips, as if to clear some lingering phantasm. His first instincts were fading now, replaced by reason and the comfort of faith. It was only right to kneel before the GodEmperor.

He willed his hearts to slow, despite the implied insult of his deity impelling him to abase himself. He could see them watching, feel their eyes boring into him as he knelt before them. It was a moment that cast a dozen reflections, for the Word Bearers had mirrored this action many times before, under alien skies.

Legions laying claim to less discipline or grace might beat their chests and howl at the moon upon achieving compliance, but among the sons of Lorgar, victory was to be cherished in reverence and dignity.

The triumphant warriors would kneel in the heart of the fallen city, and heed the words of their Chaplains. The Rite of Remembrance. Argel Tal felt sweat painting cold trails down his temples and cheeks. Trembling threatened to take hold as his traitorous muscles bunched, locking in painful cramps. The voice returned. Not a high priest. You were created for war, for conquest, to reunite the human race under the aegis of truth.

You speak of me as a god, and forge worlds that suffer under the one lie that has brought humanity to the edge of extinction time and time again. The people will burn when their faith is proven false. He rose to his feet, his voice rising with him. For a brief, hateful moment, he glanced at his retinal display to check his life signs. You are a god. In your grip, a thousand worlds turn! By your will, a million vessels sail the void.

You are immortal, undying, seeing all and knowing all that transpires across creation. Father, you are a god in all but name. All that remains is to confess to it. It pounded into Argel Tal like a miasma of engine wash, heating his armour and throwing him to the ground.

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Around him, he could see his brothers sent sprawling, their armour skidding across the dust. Defiant in the cyclone of unseen energy, scrolls of scripture ripping from his armour, Lorgar raised his hand to point at his father. Say the words and end the lie. You cling to ancient perceptions, and endanger us all with them. Let this end, Lorgar. Let this end with you heeding my words. Blood ran from one ear, running in a slow trail down his tattooed neck.

He was one of the first Word Bearers to rise. The others still struggled, shivering on hands and knees, or were locked in muscle spasms, their twitching limbs disturbing the dust. Argel Tal helped Xaphen up, receiving a grunt of thanks. You, among all my Legions, are guilty of failure. All you have done in the Great Crusade is for naught. Serve the Imperium as you were born to do.

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Take with you the lesson learned here this day. You kneel in the ruination found at the end of a false path. The Ultramarines remained, watching the kneeling, trembling Word Bearers in absolute silence.

The Custodians stood alongside Guilliman, while the primarch conferred with their apparent leader, whose helm bore a red crest to match his cloak. Argel Tal saw Kor Phaeron rising with painful slowness, despite his Terminator armour making the task easier with dense joints of snarling servos.

Neither Argel Tal nor Xaphen offered to help.

Both of them made for the primarch. While the Word Bearers struggled to their feet, Lorgar crashed to his knees at last. Dead eyes too cold to cry looked out upon his shamed Legion, and the rubble of the lesson they needed to learn.

Instinct compelled him to remove his own helm, and he disengaged the seals in his armoured collar, standing unmasked before his primarch. For the first time, Argel Tal breathed the scorched air of Monarchia, unaltered by merciful filters.

It reeked of the oil burned in a thousand years of industry. Lorgar turned to regard him, his eyes lacking even a shadow of recognition. He glanced at the staring figures of Guilliman and the Custodians. Ignoring his touch, Lorgar threw his head back and roared. Lorgar screamed, deep and low and long, at the uncaring sky. It lasted longer than mortal lungs would allow. When the anguished cry finally faltered, he ran his bare fingers along the broken ground. With a shaking hand, the primarch smeared black ash across his face, tarnishing his features with the powdered bones of the perfect city.

We must get him to safety. The two warriors renewed their grips, trying to bring the golden giant to his feet. For a wonder, instead of the expected slackness in his limbs, Lorgar spat onto the ground and rose with their aid. Neither of them spoke of it. A shrug of his shoulders pushed Argel Tal and Xaphen aside, immediately forgotten. His gaze was locked on Guilliman, who returned it — passionless where Lorgar was inflamed.

He spoke as if no question had been asked. Dust rained from its spiked head. Fifteen more remain on my flagship. Our father has ordered them to accompany you, brother. After kneeling in the ashes of failure, after being told by the Emperor that all their achievements were worthless… Now this.

Lorgar laughed, the sound ripe with derision. His face was still smeared with dust. They are not needed. Do they reside in your precious empire of Ultramar, whispering of your every move? I see the shadow of a smile on your lips. These others do not know you as I do, brother.

Our sons may not see the amusement in your eyes, but I am not blind to such nuance. Today has proven that. In its wake, the air rang with the echo of metal on metal, the clashing chime of a great cathedral bell. It was almost beautiful.

A primarch lay in the dust, surrounded by his warriors. None present had ever witnessed such a thing. A hundred gun barrels levelled at a hundred thousand. The Seventh Captain needed three attempts to form words. His grey eyes flickered with uncertain emotion as he bared his teeth at the fallen Lord of Macragge. Is that understood?

The golden eagle on his breastplate was split, a valley-crack running through its body. Malcador, First Lord of Terra, still clutched his staff. It was all that kept him standing. The next time you bleed my patience dry, I will do more than slap you aside. He turned an expressionless face back to his brother.

I must return to the Crusade. We have much to discuss. The anger was fading, and no longer offered a shield against shame. Back to the ships. This blasted slice of architecture stood almost alone in the ash desert, the last lingering piece of a building that would never rise again. Squads embarked aboard their own gunships, despondent gatherings of warriors walking in near-silence.

There is nothing left to rebuild. Nothing would grow for generations. The people of the defeated city had no choice but to leave and begin new lives elsewhere, rather than rebuild. How many orbital bombardments have we prosecuted ourselves? How many times have we battled in the ruins of a sky-blasted city? This was more than simple destruction.

This was eradication. A lesson for us, and a lesson for the people. Their boots clanged up the ramp. The hydraulics compacted, lifting the gangway back up in a slow machine-grind. After what they did to our city. After they saw us kneel in false shame. Codex Inquisition. Champions of fenris book. Age of Sigmar Errata and Scenarios. Age of Darkness Army List. Wh 40k Kill Team Warhammer 40k 7th Ed Core Rules. Warhammer 40k Rule Book 6th Edition.

The Horus Heresy Book 1 Betrayal. The Horus Heresy Book 4 Conquest. Download horus heresy Torrents - KickassTorrents. Select one of the OAuth providers below to log in and start saving squads. What's this? OAuth is an authorization system which lets you prove your identity at a web site without having to create a new account.

Instead, you tell some provider with whom you already have an account e. Google or Facebook to prove to this web site that you say who you are. That way, the next time you visit, this site remembers that you're that user from Google. The best part about this is that you don't have to come up with a new username and password to remember. For more information, check out this introduction to OAuth. Because there can be so many Superheavies that the game would be over in 2 turns.

Overall increases the mean damage of D weapons eg. Yes, this way they won't one-hit kill a superheavy, but also that marine won't survive simply because he hid from a Titan behind a rock. Just don't try this playing against other Legion. To betray, or not to betray, that is the question. In games where both players are using an army with the same Allegiance, one of them will be treated as if they were fighting for the other allegiance for the purposes of that game albeit without the normal restrictions that would otherwise apply.

Similarly, neutral forces like Blackshields also need to choose an Allegiance for rules purposes. Pretty balanced and allows the use of Rites of War, so you'll be using this one most of the time. It's also the one that can be used in all missions regardless of your opponent's consent. Most of these are meant for fun rather than competitiveness. Onslaught Force Organization Chart The big guns.

This FOC follows the creed that you don't need flexibility when you have surplus firepower. However, you still need to score so keep your reduced number of troops well protected. But you don't really care, you've brought your steam rollers to this fight.

Now you legionnaires can pretend to be the IG. Luckily 30k's Forts are pretty mean things, like the I can't believe it's not a Titan! The Imperial Fists would love this detachment. Unless it's the Iron Cage all over again. He is now your Warlord, is scoring and gains the following Warlord Trait.

The Horus Heresy (Forge World Series)

May Overwatch at different targets, but a single weapon may only Overwatch once per turn. Mission Specific Force Organization Charts As a further addition to the optional Force Org charts, there are other charts which are specifically for particular missions in the Age of Darkness, such a Strategic Raids or Cityfight. These aren't necessarily restricted to Legiones Astartes armies and can be used by any force in the Age of Darkness, but the same can be said of the "optional" ones listed above.

However, these ones only have the restriction on Rites of War where it is specifically mentioned and require you to be playing certain missions. Of course in those missions the regular FOC may be used as well.

Strategic Raid: Raider Detachment Favouring a fast, hard-hitting play-style using expensive units, can only be taken in missions where one player is designated as an attacker. That means you can't take a Primarch. ALSO This rule makes your Elite units into scoring units, at a cost of making your Troops units into denial units only.

Plus the ability to move objective markers before the game starts, inevitably for your own benefit. Fortress-Bound: All fortifications with battlements or a transport capacity must start the game being occupied by at least one infantry unit from the same detachment. Cityfight: Incursion Force Representing a small incursion force, there are not many options available here. But can be really good in small point games. Close Coordination: Your units gain Interceptor against incoming infantry units, so long as they are within 6" of a vehicle from the same detachment.

Cityfight: Entrenched Force Another defender type chart, with several fortifications available, the ability to use a Rite of War and gain Objective Secured. Legion Warlord traits[ edit ] 30k brings a new warlord traits table, though you can use the Warhammer 7th Ed. Warlord Traits table too. Some HQ choices say they must be the Warlord, meaning you may only have one of those units unless their Primarch is also present. Nice, since only three legions are fear-resistant.

This is the only chance your Nameless Praetor has against Named characters Better if the thing you put in reserve has Outflank or Deep Strike. Their Blast and Template weapons gain Shred. Awesome on Heavy Support Squads, Seekers and artillery. Shredding Phosphex Rapiers anyone? Paladin of Glory: Hello Astartes. Look at your Praetor, now back to me , now back at your Praetor, now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me , but if he became a Paladin of Glory, he could be Fearless like he's me.

Look down, back up. Where are you? Anything is possible when your Praetor is a Paladin of Glory. I'm on a Spartan assault tank. Combine it with some means of re-rolling To-Hits so that you've got almost guaranteed wounds.

Rites of War[ edit ] Rites of War can only be taken if you have a "Master of the Legion" in your army Praetor, Delegatus, Herald, Primarch and several special characters.

They change how your army functions in a key way. Although all of them give considerable bonuses to your army, they also come with their own restrictions and drawbacks, so think carefully about which Rite of War you want to take, if any. Individual legions have their own exclusive RoWs listed in their respective sections, and in a similar vein some RoWs are exclusive to Loyalists or Traitors.

The FAQ says that taking Rites of War in an allied detachment is allowed, but it's usually not possible as you can only take one model with the Master of the Legion rule per points assuming you took one in your Primary Detachment and you still need to abide by any restrictions; especially when they only apply to Primary detachments, require your Warlord to be present in the detachment, or prevent you from taking allies outright.

However there are some Rites out there that can be taken and do work surprisingly well. Can work due to most lists only fielding around 2 AA options. You're taking this mainly because of Storm Eagle DTs , which can withstand more heat than your average flyer, pack lots of maneuverable firepower and solve the issue of man footslogger squads. You may take allies, or be an allied detachment, if you've got a few assault squads laying around that don't legally fit into your main detachment.

However, all Infantry units must be in a transport, and if all your tanks are destroyed, your enemy counts as having scored a secondary objective. Again, you can't take any Fortifications. And now you have a whole army of them. Just remember Melta bombs ignore Armoured Ceramite, so don't be overconfident. Orbital Assault: Every unit that can take a Rhino as a Dedicated Transport can instead take a Legion or Dreadclaw Drop Pod, while Dreadnought, Contemptor Dreadnought talons must take as many Dreadclaw Drop Pod and Dreadnought Drop Pods as their are in the talons they must enter play together and must deploy like a normal talon.

However, everyone must be able to Deep Strike either by having the rule or by being deployed inside a transport that has it , and you can't take any fortifications. RAW you don't need to have everyone Deep Strike. The rules say that units must either have the Deep Strike rule or have access to a transport that has the Deep Strike rule, and that if a unit downloadd a dedicated transport then it must begin the game deployed inside it.

Do remember Flyer DTs still start the game in reserves, though. However, if all Veteran and Terminator squads are destroyed, the enemy counts as having scored an additional secondary objective worth 2 VPs , and you can't take an allied detachment. This is the only one that allows a fortification Plus, at least half of your units must have the Legiones Astartes rule. Not to mention you can fill the table with LRs just like in Armoured Spearhead.

However, all infantry that can do so must download a dedicated transport with the "Tank" type.The primarch cast glances back at the grounded Ultramarines Thunderhawks, waiting for any signs of emergence. One hundred Chaplains, their gold trimmings and crozius mauls marking them out from the ranks, remained a step behind.

Just remember Melta bombs ignore Armoured Ceramite, so don't be overconfident. Barely past dawn, it was already becoming as bright as noon. Phase Walker: Each moving phase, instead of moving you may place the bearer anywhere you like, counting as having just deep struck but with no scatter.

Tales of Heresy Tales of Heresy is a collection of short stories introducing and expanding upon numerous threads within the greater happenings of the Heresy. Legacies of Betrayal: Let the galaxy burn The vessel, terrible in size and grim in aspect, was more a bastion city of prayer and warfare than a spaceborne vessel.

CSM 6ed. The Primarchs The Primarchs is a compilation of four novellas by different authors, each story starring one of the "sons" of the Emperor.